The Players Cup Recap

Unfortunately this week marks the first time in my career I’ve missed 3 straight cuts. It’s pretty disheartening. I went out with a very positive outlook on the week, but really struggled to get any momentum going in my rounds. It felt like with every successive week this month, the game became more difficult. My first few weeks on tour this year were encouraging and I played with almost no expectation because of my knee injury. I was just grateful to be walking and swinging. In the past few tournaments, I believed I should shoot very low and contend and maybe in doing so, put more pressure on myself and tried to hard. Regardless of the psychology of battle, I really need to get healthy so I can begin putting in the practice time that is required to succeed. I’ve withdrawn from next week’s Canadian Open qualifier in Vancouver and will return home to seek out therapy and make healing my #1 priority. The poor results are now behind me and health and birdies lay ahead.

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  1. Ross Oberg says:

    Keep digging… Its in the dirt.

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