The Player’s Cup Round 1

I came into this week’s Player’s Cup at Pine Ridge CC in Winnipeg (the Canadian Tour’s most fan-supported and well run event), with a fresh sense of calm. Pine Ridge is a position course that requires approach shot precision and a brilliant short game. The course’s greens have slopes so large on many holes, that half of the already minute greens are unplayable. A ball on the wrong side of the hole forces players to be defensive and is potentially flirting with disaster. One of Canada’s top players commented to the media this week, “they should blow these greens up and rebuild them.” While I don’t quite share his view, there is no question the greens are what protect the course from domination. While Pine Ridge isn’t overly daunting off the tee because of its short yardage, the gusting, swirling winds whip across Pine Ridge’s course, forcing players to use strategy and different ball flights.

I shot a +2, 73 today leaving me once again, walking the razor sharp cut line. While the score is nothing to write home about (although it would seem that’s what I’m doing now), I was very close to a solid round of golf. This is encouraging. I was 13/15 putting from 10 feet and in on the greens today. This is a very strong stat in the putting category when you consider over half of those were 6-10 feet. Overall, I played some great tee shots giving myself perfect lines to flags. The area where I need to improve tomorrow is certainly my approach shots: not only hitting it closer to the hole, but hitting the ball on the proper side of the hole.

Lately I’ve been towing the line between a paycheck and a disappointing weekend more frequently than I’d like. A great round tomorrow must include a disregard for where the cut score is trending. If I can go play freely tomorrow, with the same positive calm feelings that infused my soul at the start of the week, a great day will result and I will have great news to share tomorrow evening!

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