How so close leaves you so far away

This week marks my second consecutive missed cut on the Canadian Tour. The afternoon of the 2nd round brought very windy conditions (wind gusts were reported around 40 mph, although most of the round was around a steady 20 mph). On a day when my ball striking left me in some challenging spots, I scrambled my ball around the course in -1 through 16 holes. A 3 putt bogey on 17 left me at -2 for the tournament (the cut line), with one hole left to play. I hit two conservative shots on a par five to 125 yards from the hole in the middle of the fairway. From that point on, I hit one bad shot, one average chip and misread a short putt, to bogey my final hole and miss the cut by 1 shot. I didn’t perform all that badly this week which makes missing the cut feel like a deeper gouge. No pain in the world of pro golf results hurts as much as missing a cut by 1 shot because there is no consultation. I love golf and I love competing which is why I hate to lose so much. I plan on using that frustration to propel me to new heights next week in Winnipeg for The Player’s Cup. Tom Watson has said he only learned how to win because he hated to lose. I am not far away from a strong performance having played the majority of my last 15 competitive rounds under par. Building more momentum early in the first round will be crucial to future success. After Winnipeg, I will take a month off to rest my knee and become healthy once again. To get to the PGA Tour and to finish my year on the Canadian Tour strongly, two healthy knees are going to be imperative. While this is another payless week, I wasn’t far from success and that is what I’ll take to Winnipeg.

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  1. Marley Baldwin says:

    I love that you are so positive and strong! You are so awesome and I can’t wait to see you when you finally come home! xoxo

  2. Brent Card says:

    wish you good luck in Winnipeg, take it easy on those knees

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